Shimi Baft Company is considered one of the most important producers of MTBE additive in Iran. This company is known as the second largest producer of this material after Bandar Imam Petrochemical located in Site 3 of Bandar Imam Petrochemical Special Economic Zone. This company pays special attention to sustainable development and aims to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, optimal use of energy resources, reduce the consumption of energy carriers, and reduce energy-related environmental effects. The company's strategy is based on scientific-economic production management and is focused on the implementation of the ISO 50001 energy management system. This system seeks to improve measurement systems and monitor the consumption of energy, feed, and product carriers. The main goal of this system is to improve the productivity and efficiency of energy management and to optimize the production, distribution, and consumption networks of energy carriers, and to improve energy consumption in energy-consuming equipment. This company is also committed to increasing the motivation and awareness of managers and employees in the field of energy management and the participation of all employees in reducing the consumption of energy carriers; thus, the contribution productivity reward is allocated to the employees and increases the productivity of the organization by reducing the consumption of energy carriers. This company also pays attention to energy management in non-industrial buildings and facilities and selects and employs suppliers, contractors, and consultants with knowledge and qualifications to increase energy efficiency. This policy is communicated and announced as an informational document for all managers and employees in the production and consumption of energy carriers. The company's management undertakes to provide all the resources needed to achieve the announced goals by obtaining the necessary permits, and to include energy management in the company's macro business planning and to adhere to all the legal obligations and requirements related to energy.

CEO of shimi Baft Petrochemicals