Management policy

Shimi Baft Petrochemical Company, as a producer of MTBE and Raffinate II, with the help of God and relying on the knowledge, experience, and capabilities of its employees, has placed the priority of its work in achieving sustainable development, protecting human resources, and increasing customer satisfaction. Our company is dedicated to improving people's health, protecting the environment, and safeguarding our property and capital. We are committed to continuously improving our performance in quality, environmental safety, and health while complying with legal requirements and providing necessary resources. We are determined to achieve continuous and effective improvement in all areas by establishing an integrated management system based on various standards ISO 9001:2008 - TS29001:2007 - ISO14001:2004 - OHSAS 18001:2007 - HSE MS NPC 2004 & OGP1994 - ISO 50001:2011. Our goal is to meet specific targets: efforts to increase the satisfaction of customers and other interested parties, sustainable production related to the company's goals, trying to be successful in international arenas, improvement and development of processes related to production, applying new technologies for the qualitative development of human resources with culturalization, creating motivation and continuous and effective training in order to increase productivity, creating a healthy, safe, and clean work environment, prevention of accidents, environmental pollution, and damages, controlling safety and health risks, securing the environment with a preventive approach and continuous monitoring of contractors' equipment and services, optimizing the use of energy resources, composing a framework for creating, achieving, and revising micro and macro energy goals, design support, and buying optimal energy services and equipment. As a valuable asset of our organization, I am committed to providing financial resources and required equipment while complying with legal requirements. I encourage all employees to participate in realizing this policy as a framework for setting goals and operational plans. This policy is a top priority in my activities.

CEO of shimi Baft Petrochemicals